About us

We operate across all dimensions of the real estate sector in the Canary Islands to allow you to find your home or build on your investments.

Our mission is to help our customers realise their dreams and to deliver market-leading expertise to achieve success

Introducing Killeen Property Group, a visionary leader with a wealth of experience and a multifaceted and technology driven approach to the real estate industry. With a proven track record spanning decades, our group has cultivated an unparalleled expertise in diverse market segments, including prime, new build or resale properties.

Our expert divisions serve as the cornerstone of our success, seamlessly catering to the unique needs of every client. From KPG Prestige, to KPG New Homes, Buenavilla, and Lanzarote Investments, each division is led by industry trailblazers and fortified by a vast network of resources that set us apart. KPG’s philanthropic efforts make us one of the main supporters of the Lanzarote Ireland Network. Our comprehensive vision encompasses a spectrum of real estate endeavours, and our dedication to excellence and technological progression remains unwavering, ensuring that whether you seek luxury, a new home, or profitable investment, KPG is your definitive partner in turning property aspirations into reality.

Killeen Property Group is built upon five strong pillars that drive our success and shape our identity as a company:


We embrace innovation and leverage cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the ever-evolving property market. By continuously exploring new solutions and approaches, we provide our clients with the most advanced and efficient services.

Training and Expertise

At Killeen Property Group, we are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning. We invest in comprehensive training programs to create and maintain a team of top property experts. This dedication to expertise ensures that we deliver the highest level of service and advice to our valued clients.

Reputation for Excellence

Our unwavering dedication to excellence has earned us a well-deserved reputation in the industry. We take pride in consistently exceeding expectations and setting new standards of quality, earning the trust and loyalty of our clients.

Fun and Results-Oriented Work Culture

We believe in striking the perfect balance between work and enjoyment. Our work culture is not only results-oriented but also fosters a fun and positive atmosphere. We work hard, and we take pleasure in what we do, reflecting in our dedication and enthusiasm for every project we undertake.

Teamwork and Respect

Collaboration is at the heart of our success. We encourage teamwork and emphasize the value of mutual respect among our team members. By working together and supporting one another, we strengthen our ability to provide outstanding services and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

These pillars are the bedrock of Killeen Property Group, guiding us towards our mission of leading the Property Market in the Canary Islands through Expertise, Innovation, and Excellence.