We champion innovation, environmental activism, and a deep love for the natural beauty of the Canary Islands

One name is synonymous with Lanzarote and the Canary Islands – Cesar Manrique – a maverick, a renaissance man, who single-handedly set a paradigm shift.

Cesar Manrique was a Spanish artist, architect, and environmental activist who left a lasting legacy in the Canary Islands, particularly on the island of Lanzarote. Manrique was deeply committed to preserving the natural beauty of the islands and worked tirelessly to promote sustainable development and tourism.

One of Manrique’s most enduring legacies is the creation of a unique architectural style that incorporates traditional Canarian building techniques with modern design principles. He is best known for his stunning homes, public spaces, and sculptures that seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious relationship between nature and architecture.

Manrique’s environmental activism was also a key part of his legacy. He successfully campaigned against the construction of large hotels and other development projects that threatened the delicate ecosystems of the islands. His efforts helped to establish a model for sustainable tourism that continues to be followed today.

Another major contribution of Manrique was the creation of several iconic attractions on the island of Lanzarote, including the Jameos del Agua, a series of natural caves transformed into a unique cultural and artistic space, and the Cactus Garden, a sprawling botanical garden featuring over 1,000 species of cacti.

Overall, Cesar Manrique’s legacy is one of innovation, environmental activism, and a deep love for the natural beauty of the Canary Islands. His impact on the region can still be seen and felt today, and his work serves as an inspiration to future generations of artists, architects, and environmentalists.

It is for all these reasons, that the Canary Islands and Lanzarote in particular is and continues to be an evergreen investment. Bringing consistent returns on investment in the short and long term. For more information about investment and yield potential, contact us for a free consultation.